May 16, 2018 News

Have you ever sat in a with mobile anxiety?

thinks every meeting space should be equipped with charging facilities and has done something about it. Introducing the new super-thin .

The new product from Vision is only 3.5mm thick and works with the X. It supports fast charging with optimised phones and only increases the battery temperature by 12 degrees during charging which prolongs the battery life.

Vision is also developing a range of new products for meeting rooms which have a charger embedded.

“We encourage resellers to attach these inexpensive accessories to every meeting room installation,” says Vision’s Stuart Lockhart. If you’d like a free sample to test, head to Vision’s website and drop them a line.

The Qi wireless charger will be shipping in and comes with a lifetime .

Vision: www.visionaudiovisual.com/techconnect/cables/qi/

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