May 16, 2018 News

The reinforcement and immersive experience lands at in Las Vegas, in conjunction with Renkus-Heinz in Demo Room N101. A selection of static and dynamic spatial audio segments rendered by TiMax onto a multi-channel immersive audio system will feature as part of the Renkus-Heinz hourly loudspeaker demonstrations. Presenters will also be localised by TiMax object-based spatial reinforcement.

In use will be the TiMax 500Series software featuring , the latest release for the globally renowned and evolutionary TiMax suite of immersive audio processors.

TiMax StageSpace groundbreaking AutoCalc tools provide automatic rendering of adaptive spatial audio objects for the product’s varied applications in professional audio Performance, Presentation and Experience sectors.

AutoCalc adapts to a wide range of room and loudspeaker topologies, and automatically compensates for relative audience distance and position. The resulting TiMax spatial audio Image Definition objects are fully user-editable for essential fine-tuning and creative control, delivering unparalleled precision and flexibility.

Duncan Crundwell from TiMax US Distributor 1602Group and Dave Haydon from TiMax UK will be on hand in Room N101 for TiMax software demos and discussion.

TiMax: www.outboard.co.uk
Australian Distributor: www.attaudiocontrols.com

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