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from Australian innovator is an uncompromising compressed over IP solution that leverages standard 1Gb networking technology to reliably deliver and video, simplifying design, installation and removing the headaches associated with traditional fixed video matrix distribution systems.

is best known for Lightning, our zero-latency, uncompressed AV over IP solution,” remarks CEO Gerry Raffaut. “And sending 4K/60Hz 4:4:4: video down across a 10Gb is revolutionary and undoubtedly the future of professional AV installations, but not the here-and-now present for many of our clients working with 1Gb networks. provides the best possible real-world balance of video quality and bandwidth for those projects.”

Designed from the ground up for pro AV applications, employs JPEG2000 video compression, making it ideal for balancing video quality and latency across applications such as venues, corporate environments and teaching facilities that require very low latency.

Delivering on the potential of simplified video over IP systems, is straightforward to commission with easy network switch configuration combined with step-by-step device set up. Designed for closed independent networks but with a feature set that works equally well for enterprise deployment, is perfect for applications such as video walls, point-to-point and matrix, and handles nearly all video resolutions up to and including 4K video. It further allows the mixed use of 4K and 1080p displays, automatically downscaling 4K sources to maximise compatibility with older 1080p displays.


  • 1 frame end-to-end latency sets a benchmark for JPEG2000 compression
  • Dedicated free iOS app for configuration, monitoring and end use of up to 16×16 video walls with bezel correction and screen rotation functions
  • Designed for closed, independent networks but equally suited to enterprise deployment
  • Direct CEC control of displays via HDMI connection
  • Auto device discovery ensures quick and easy configuration for fast installation set up
  • Advanced scaling seamlessly combines 4K and 1080p displays
  • Asymmetrical matrix sizes allows configuration in increments of one and frees users from fixed matrix limitations
  • PoE powered system simplifies installation by eliminating plug packs
  • 2.0 distribution allows routing of cameras anywhere
  • and IR control distribution
  • Loss of signal display screen to assist trouble shooting
  • Independent audio, video and control routing allows users to send anything anywhere

: www.aptovision.com

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