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technical direction company vivid sydney

deployed ’s UDX 32 in a world-first large-scale laser projection at at the Museum of Contemporary Art for ‘Organic Vibrations’ a collaboration between Julia Gorman, an Australian, and Paris-based creative and artistic collective, Danny Rose.

Michael Hassett, CEO of , said, “When Barco previewed the technology at the ISE 2017 trade show, I knew that this was the way forward for the future of large-format video projection. Laser phosphor technology is the first significant change that we’ve seen in over ten years, ever since the industry moved from CRT and LCDs to DMDs hailing a new era of projection technology. RGB laser had been used for cinema, however is not practical for the rental market.”

“The quality is quite unbelievable. Artists we have worked are just amazed by its reproduction of blues, purples, and colours that typically can be a challenge to project. Its potential will excite artists to delve into the detailed animation that audiences haven’t experienced in the past.”

technical direction company vivid sydney

The compact Barco uses a laser lamp source that has an extra red laser which gives the image more depth, richly saturated colours, and uniformity. It produces images at 4K resolution, has a super brightness, lamp-free systems and low power consumption. It’s quiet to operate which is terrific for TDC projects, and the laser-based system lasts for around 30,000 hours.

On receiving the very first units in May, the expert projection teams at TDC liaised with Barco R&D teams giving them valuable feedback on beta version software and hardware. “Barco liaised with us on product development and was able to develop a product that was suitable for a lot of rental companies around the world,” added Hassett.

Wim Buyens, Senior VP Entertainment at Barco and Chairman of the Advanced Imaging Society added: “This is just the latest step in our excellent working relationship with TDC. We see TDC as not just as a long-term customer but as a truly innovative partner that contributes very significantly to the development of our products thanks to their valued beta testing and feedback from their ground-breaking projects. Everyone who sees the projector will see precisely what we mean – it a stunning technological achievement.”

Hassett concluded: “We are looking forward to Barco’s further development and hope to see these projectors being available in 60K brightness versions within three years.”

TDC: www.tdc.com.au

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