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July 6, 2018 News

Recently students at the Studio (FDS) Ultimo began using F-Series fabric printers in their coursework and in particular the creation of their graduation designs. FDS are also using EB-L1505UNL projectors to display student artworks on the walls at the end of year fashion parade.

TAFE NSW’s Alexander Zehntner explained, “FDS Ultimo TAFE had invested in an Epson F-Series dye sublimation printer when we upgraded and started delivering the Bachelor of Fashion Design to enable training with the latest industry technology standard. Our students use the Epson dye sublimation printer to realise their original art works for individual custom design on fabrics for fashion and interior products. Last year FDS Ultimo TAFE also used Epson EB-L1505UNL projectors at our final year fashion show in an inner city warehouse space to project students work onto distressed walls as people walked into the space.”

Zehntner continued, “The projector was amazing with incredible colour and definition capturing all of the artwork’s character. Truly great image reproduction. The projector was also left on for an extended length of time with no problems and it really created a buzz and a great conversation piece amongst guests as it allowed us to be innovative and create an interactive experience with our audience, transforming a simple waiting space into a dynamic experiential space. We have already seen a lot of growth with digital in the fashion industry and with all our graduates being skilled and able to use specialised equipment. It’s good to know they will keep pushing the design boundaries with Epson and printers like the F-Series there to support them.”

Epson: www.epson.com.au

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