October 10, 2013 Products, Technology

AnalogWay Pulse


has introduced ², a new /Native Matrix . ² is based on Analog Way’s new Midra platform, the core of a brand new line of mid-range Mixers/Seamless Switchers. The Midra platform consists of 6 products, QuickVu, QuickMatriX, SmartMatriX², Saphyr, Eikos² and ² – essentially Analog Way has renewed its line of mid-range Mixers Seamless Switchers with the Midra platform. The ² offers a new design and functions including features inherited from the LiveCore series, Analog Way’s range of Premium Presentation Mixers. Compared to the which was launched in 2009, the ² comes in a 2RU enclosure with a deeper chassis, ensuring better air circulation and cooling. Upgraded connectivity comes through 8 seamless inputs and 14 input plugs and thanks to the CleanCut effect, the ² can operate fast and seamlessly switch between any of its 14 input plugs without fade through black or loss of sync. EDID management is now standard for inputs 1 through 6 for computer sources. To fit any display resolution, including non-standard formats like LED walls and rear-projection cubes, ² offers custom output format management. The new platform has added many other improvements. Full details can be found at www.analogway.com

Australian Distributor: Axis AV (03) 9752 2955 or axisav.com.au

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