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launched at , an innovative new mounted variant of the TeamConnect fixed- conferencing system. TeamConnect is a discrete alternative for installation in medium to large rooms where table mounted systems are not suitable or possible, and its innovative technology can focus on a speaker’s voice wherever their position around the table.

TeamConnect Ceiling is the ideal solution for meeting spaces where cables, holes for installation, or table microphones are not desirable. A single TeamConnect Ceiling can handle medium to large conference rooms, covering up to approximately 16 participants. The use of a single, dynamic ceiling simplifies installation, configuration and everyday use, while the cable-free, tethered design ensures that the system is protected from wear and tear.

The solution also comprises of a central-unit that offers an interface for network integration, SpeechLine microphones, as well as active loudspeakers. The high quality Unified Communication solution is easily integrated into every existing room infrastructure making it the optimal tool for professional remote conferencing applications.

The fixed SpeechLine microphone can be mounted either onto or flush with the ceiling. TeamConnect Ceiling is designed to fit within the space of a standard 600mm2 ceiling panel, making it easier to install discretely. Intuitive coloured LED-lights to indicate when the system is muted or in operation complete the overall subtle impression. TeamConnect Ceiling is designed to offer excellent speech clarity, whether participants sit, stand or move around.

“We are delighted to launch another conferencing solution within our Sennheiser TeamConnect family,” said Jens Werner, Portfolio Manager Business Communication at Sennheiser. “TeamConnect Ceiling draws on Sennheiser’s 70 years of expertise, to deliver excellent quality in an innovative design. It is very easy to use, virtually invisible when installed and provides unsurpassed positioning flexibility for business conferences.” Extending the scope and flexibility of the TeamConnect family even further, Sennheiser has also launched TeamConnect Wireless. The first mobile, wireless solution for medium sized conferences, it makes it possible to hold a professional, high quality conference call in virtually any room.

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