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January 24, 2018 News

has announced a two-way for the wireless multiroom audio system. Developed by RTI, the new driver allows dealers to easily integrate the complete lineup of -enabled audio components into RTI and systems, providing customers with convenient over their home audio experience.

The driver can now control all MusicCast products introduced since 2015 — more than 50 models in total. In addition to wireless speakers that can be used as standalone streaming audio systems, the MusicCast platform includes AV receivers, a wide range of soundbars, wireless streaming amps, hi-fi receivers, and powered network speakers. With the new driver, users can select rooms and sources, and browse their music library and streaming services, all from the RTI interface of their choice. For integrators, the driver makes it easy to provide this functionality with the auto programming capabilities of Integration Designer APEX software.

“Yamaha has long been a favourite brand for RTI integrators, and with MusicCast, the company has brought high-end player functionality into a new range of products,” said Mike Everett, Vice President of global sales, RTI. “We’re proud to offer integrators an RTI-developed driver that allows them to easily incorporate these devices into a unified control system for their customers.”

“While RTI systems have for years been capable of controlling Yamaha home theatre systems, this driver adds new two-way control capabilities and substantially broadens the range of supported Yamaha models,” said Robert Goedken, General Manager, AV division, Yamaha Corporation of America. “We are very grateful for our with RTI and for their support of this integration. This gives custom integrators more flexibility than ever before.”

RTI: www.rticorp.com
Australian Distributor: www.connectedmedia.com.au

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