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March 10, 2016 News

qsc q-sys coreqsc q-sys core

is the latest addition to the lineup of network audio solutions. Built on modern Intel-based technologies and a Linux Real Time Operating System, the new, smaller brings powerful yet affordable software based audio processing to the corporate AV market.

Combined with the new table top touchscreen, the Core 110f delivers a seamless experience in boardrooms, rooms, and other corporate spaces.

Offering AV integrators and IT managers alike easy networking integration via Q-LAN, which uses IT standard Layer-3 protocols, the Core 110f can coexist with all other data, use standard Ethernet switches, and with AES67 conformity, provide a high level of flexibility and compatibility.

The Q-SYS Core 110f’s software-based implementation of DSP delivers powerful processing with, for example, on board AEC , flexible / configuration of analogue audio channels with eight ins, eight outs, and an additional eight which can be either in or out, VoIP and/or POTS telephony connectivity, and Q-LAN networking integration for streaming audio over IP plus device discovery, control, telemetry and audio monitoring.

The TSC-7t can be used as an elegant telephone dialler and/or control a myriad of third-party devices prevalent in boardrooms and meeting rooms — via the Core (no additional components required). By meeting a common BYOD audio need, meeting participants can run UC or web conferencing application on their own devices and easily connect two-way audio from their device to the Q-SYS system using Bluetooth and/or MicroUSB on-the-go connections provided by the TSC-7t.

More Info:
QSC: www.qscs.com
Australian Distributor: www.tag.com.au

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