August 28, 2019 News

The Q-SYS Ecosystem now includes native HDMI video streaming and web conferencing integration simplifying user experience and expediting installation

QSC is proud to announce the availability of the Q-SYS NV Series (NV-32-H) network video endpoint. This native, multi-stream HDMI encoder/decoder provides high-quality (resolutions up to 4K60 4:4:4), low latency, and network-efficient video distribution across a standard gigabit infrastructure.

As a native peripheral to the Q-SYS Ecosystem, NV Series allows integrators to add HDMI video distribution to an existing Q-SYS system in a matter of minutes without any control programming required. Furthermore, each NV Series video endpoint is software-definable as either a video encoder or decoder, allowing this drag-and-drop, single SKU solution to reduce necessary hardware pieces from the system and provide greater stability and predictability.

Optimised specifically for the meeting room, the NV Series features the Q-SYS Shift technology, a network video compression scheme that dynamically adjusts network bandwidth consumption based on video content. This affords network savings for common meeting room content without compromising on its ability to stream full-motion video.

NV Series also enables several emerging room design scenarios, including the ability to simultaneously stream 1080p60 for dual-monitor rooms from a single NV Series endpoint, making it ideal for collaboration or soft codecs that support dual-video outputs. It also features integration of soft codec audio and Q-SYS conference cameras via USB for web conferencing applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet, Cisco WebEx and more.

All native Q-SYS peripherals, including the NV Series video endpoints and third-party connected devices, can be remotely managed and monitored by Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager providing unmatched visibility and control of Q-SYS systems across an enterprise. Now in public beta with launch worldwide expected in late 2019, Enterprise Manager will support systems using Q-SYS Designer Software v8.1, now available for download. 

“NV Series rounds out the holistic meeting room experience offered by the Q-SYS Ecosystem,” says Mike H. Brandes, Product Manager, Q-SYS Video, QSC. “By combining multi-stream HDMI video capabilities and web conferencing integration, along with the existing audio processing and routing capabilities within Q-SYS, this native, single manufacturer solution represents an attractive integration paradigm. Furthermore, with the addition of Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager, you can remotely monitor and manage these systems, which in turn contributes to increased AV uptime and greater system confidence for the end user.”

QSC: www.qsc.com
Australian Distributor: www.tag.com.au

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