January 31, 2018 News

QSC and announce native control and options for the Platform. The integration for Visionary Solutions Matrix Products includes a video control plug-in as well as multiple options for integration via native , Dante or Q-SYS Receivers.

Developed and supported by Visionary Solutions, the PacketAV plug-in includes pre-configured components for switching, virtual matrix routing, videowall control and advanced grouping options, as well as live video previews for at-a-glance confidence monitoring. Q-SYS Designer allows system designers to drag-and-drop any plug-in component (including video previews) onto custom user control interfaces for native Q-SYS touch screen controllers, all without any custom programming.

The Q-SYS Platform can also ingest audio streams from PacketAV endpoints, and then process and route audio to any destination on the network. This can be done natively via AES67 or Q-SYS Media Stream Receivers, as well as via Q-SYS Dante I/O edge network card.

In addition to the PacketAV integration, Q-SYS also offers audio integration for Visionary Solutions’ Series H.264 encoders via the Q-SYS Media Stream Receiver.

“We are very excited to add Visionary Solutions to the QSC Strategic Partnership Program,” says Greg Mattson, Product Manager, Installed Systems, QSC. “Built around IT standards, the Q-SYS control programming environment offers a full-featured toolset for independent programmers and manufacturers to offer software-based control without dedicated processing hardware.”

“This plug-in gives our customers a new level of integration and customisation when they combine our quality end points with the power of the Q-SYS Platform,” says Scott Freshman, Chief Operating Officer for Visionary Solutions. “With Q-SYS, configuration of PacketAV products is simple and provides designers with endless application possibilities.”

QSC: www.qsc.com
Australian Q-SYS Distributor: www.tag.com.au

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