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June 2, 2017 News

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qsc q-sys enterprise core

The new category has been added to ’s networking system. Running exclusively on server , the solutions combine the processing capabilities of with the Dell R730XL hardware platform. The result is an -grade solution that brings audio, video, and control processing into the data centre.

The new Q-Sys Enterprise Core processors represent the first fully integrated &C solutions — a sign of days to come as the industry shifts towards standards-based IT platforms. The use of mainstream hardware reflects a typical enterprise IT environment and provides several benefits, especially for corporate clients and global enterprises. These include centralised shared resources where enterprises can take advantage of the corporate and place Q-Sys processors alongside building-wide IT services such as VoIP, UC&C, and security systems. It’s also flexible, with the ability to serve all meeting, conferencing, presentation and lobby spaces from a single platform designed for /IT environments.

“The Q-Sys Platform is an operating system environment built on an open ecosystem that allows QSC to offer its corporate users a truly IT-centric platform,” says TJ Adams, Senior Director of Installed Systems Product Management, QSC. “We first debuted this capability as a technology demonstration at 2017. Now that these products have arrived, this paradigm shift is poised to change the way our industry deploys future enterprise-wide systems.”

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