September 26, 2017 News

Set to be released in Australia in December, the is designed for , live entertainment, and any permanent fixed large venue and offers 20,000 hours maintenance-free operation. The is engineered to withstand continuous 24/7 operation, and because it is technology, without the need for lamp replacement, there is less picture degradation over time.  These capabilities add up to a lower total cost of ownership for rental operators and other organisations.

Chris Maw added: “This filter-free high projector has the smallest footprint of any 20,000 lumen model on the market, at up to a third less volume than other competitors in its class. With a weight of under 50kg, this enables easier handling, reducing the use of heavy lifting . Where angled multi-screen projection is required, 360° mounting flexibility puts laser ahead of lamp-based alternatives, and provides fresh visual effects in museums, public spaces, shopping centres, company showrooms, and similar locations.

The new projector presents a laser alternative to the current , which is the current industry workhorse in the rental and staging market with over 50% market share worldwide in this space. All of Panasonic’s existing 3- lenses and frames will work with the PT-RZ21K, helping maximise the investment that rental companies have made in Panasonic.

Panasonic: www.panasonic.com.au

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