December 21, 2017 Opinion

has again proven its innovation credentials with a command feature for its AV-over-IP products.

Lightning AV-over-IP product was one of the first to leverage the power of the AptoVision BlueRiver chipset when it launched in 2016. Now the Australian innovator is one of the first to implement voice command AV systems .
’ voice command feature can greatly improve the experience and convenience of rooms without a dedicated control system. These spaces include many of the huddle spaces and smaller training rooms that have proliferated in recent years. With ’ voice command, it’s easy to verbally initiate a huddle space’s collaboration setup; switch to A; call up a multiview ; make A bigger in multiview… the list of possibilities is all but endless.

The feature uses Voice Control, whereby any Lightning API command can be triggered via a voice command. What’s more it is easy to implement; requiring no specialist programming skills.

CEO, , makes this observation: “Our engineering team is constantly working on new and powerful features for the Lightning product range, and I’m delighted that we’re one of the first manufacturers of commercial AV products to implement voice control. We relish the opportunity to work with our system integrators and end users on their unique requirements.”

iMAGsystems: www.imagsystems.com

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