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April 15, 2016 News

Linea Focus with Optocore_rs

Fohhn’s series is officially equipped for via an solution. A module is mounted directly inside the Linea Focus housing to allow direct connection to the speaker. The Linea Focus series is often used in combination with the security and evacuation system (PAVA) in places like railway stations, airports, tunnels and theatres. The Optocore network simplifies installation as a ‘-free’ method of moving around. Plus it’s far easier to make a flame retardant cable than a copper one.

And Optocore has added audio networking functionality to the newest version of ’s Route66 video router. The new Auto Routing feature, compatible with Optocore and Digico fibre loops, allows the Route66 Auto Router to automatically discover mobile and remote devices and close the Optocore loop. The new router also works as an intelligent fibre patch bay, including third party switching — in other words it can patch fibre streams regardless of .

More Info:
BroaMan: www.broaman.com
Optocore: www.optocore.com
Australian Distributor: www.jands.com.au

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