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February 7, 2019 News

Navori announces multiple new developments at ISE 2019, including an updated QP Manager for simpler mobile control of signage, integration of its QL Player with LG WebOS for use of LG Smart TV displays and the debut of IPR: software enabling 8K signage from a single media player.

QL Manager Update
Navori’s QL 2.1 software update aims to free employees from the desktops as they attempt to keep content fresh, by making it simpler to update content from iOS and Android devices. The new software grants access to local users as they move through a facility with pre-defined control, and reduces the number of steps required to review, manage, and publish digital signage content.

Users will also allow users to publish snap shots and express messaging, and also trigger and control content across one or more displays. The diversity in content display options also allow users to present content in a variety of ways, such as comparing colours of the same car model in an auto dealership through a side-by-side layout. Additionally, the software ensures that approved users are not required to funnel all changes and update requests through a central IT or marketing manager.

LG WebOS SoC Support
The integration of Navori’s QL Player software with LG’s native webOS platform extends the benefits of SoC to LG’s global customer base. The integration delivers a built-in digital signage player engine that minimises cabling and equipment costs, lowers theft and vandalism risks, and eliminates third-party hardware installation headaches.These are the same benefits that Navori has provided to Android displays(Panasonic, Phillips, Sharp and Elo Touchscreen) since 2017, and Samsung Tizen displays since early 2018.

Coupled with the latest Navori QL Player innovations that are new for ISE –including multi-player synchronisation down to 1/5th of a second when multiple screens are visible. Standard Navori QL Player strengths carried over to the LG integration include a proprietary graphics engine, broadcast-quality content playback, template and ticker support with multiple layers and transparency, player monitoring, proof-of-playback reporting, and automated software updates.

IRP: driving 8K video walls from one player
Navori debuts IPR, a new software platform that accelerates performance rendering for digital signage. IPR, short for Insane Performance Rendering, makes it uniquely possible to drive 8K video walls or four clusters of 4K digital signage displays from a single media player.

IPR’s“insane” performance rendering capabilities are based on Navori’s 64-bit player software and optimised PC hardware. IPR can power a full 8K video wall, or as many as 16 full HD displays, from a single device. One IPR license for Navori’s QL2 content management system software covers either scenario. IPR adds further value by only using 20 percent of the CPU when displaying 8K content due to its highly efficient use of processing power. Furthermore, IPR can frame-accurately synchronise with any content type, including HTML5 and tickers, since the entire workflow is centralised on one workstation.

Navori: www.navori.com

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