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April 13, 2018 News

has set the standard for an incredibly powerful mixing capable of up to 25 inputs mixed out to any stream site of choice, with overlays, graphics, and realtime data inputs. Typically this can come in two major hardware appliances — the HD550 and the HD51 Rackmount. This year, Livestream has announced a small-form-factor, cost effective One.

Thanks to GPU acceleration in its latest Livestream Studio software, the Studio One can fit a full mixing studio into an incredibly small form factor. The Livestream Studio One can come in three different configurations: 2 x 4k inputs, 4 x HD- inputs, or 2 x 1080p HDMI inputs. Remote inputs can also be brought in over , including the Lumens VC-A50PN NDI Enabled Camera. Audio Inputs and Outputs are both TRS 6.5mm jacks, and Aux out can be done over HDMI or .

On the software side, Livestream also announced Livestream Studio 5.0. This includes better support for hardware decoding and encoding, as well as full support for the Platform. Mac users also can now run their own studio, with beta support for the Livestream Studio Beta Mac Client.

Livestream: www.livestream.com
Australian Distributor: www.corsairsolutions.com.au

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