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February 4, 2019 News

() announces the release of its 726TVI 2GΩ/3G+ TVI Power over Ethernet (PoE) transmitter. The transmitter allows integrators to add sources to a system cost-effectively.

“Sources such as security cameras and DVRs are increasingly finding a place in today’s systems, and integrators have been asking for a solution to incorporate them without the added expense or design complexity of a converter,” says Taft Stricklin, sales team manager at Just Add Power. “Providing integrators with more flexibility, the latest addition to our ever-expanding 4K platform is specifically designed to meet this need.”

The new 726TVI 2GΩ/3G+ TVI transmitter adds TVI support to Just Add Power’s 3G HD over IP system. Eliminating the need for a TVI- converter in the IP distribution chain, integrators have the flexibility to add an HD-TVI source to their 4K infrastructure. Features include line-in for custom audio embedding, local pass-through, and USB 2.0 for pass-through camera control. Video image capabilities include push, pull, and pop for onscreen customisation. As with all models in the J+P lineup, the 2GΩ/3G+ TVI solution integrates with any generation of the company’s products, allowing integrators to build an infrastructure that suits any application requirement.

Avation: info@avation.com.au
J+P: justaddpower.com

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