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Production Coordinator

January 18, 2018

One Church

In a nutshell…

One is a broad church with a clear focus. We are committed to being a church that is relevant to contemporary Australia, where each person is equipped with the tools they need to discover their God given purpose. For that reason our current guiding purpose is to help people become growing followers of Jesus and we seek to do this in and through every ministry of our church.

As the Production Coordinator, you’ll quickly notice the diverse opportunities you have to contribute to the development of our organisation and it’s future direction. You’re creative, analytical and driven to find new ways of enabling life-changing ministry to happen. Yes, you’re interested in light and sound, but fascinated by its creative potential and ability to connect with people. As Production Coordinator you will work closely with our worship teams and other staff to ensure we have the tools to do things we’ve never done before – through technical problem solving, experimentation and a bit of creative thinking.

As a team player, you will be looking for every opportunity to work with others to maximise your opportunities and contribute to theirs. And, having made a decision to follow Jesus fully, you’ll be a person who seeks to love God and love others with all that you are.

We’re proud to be a broad church that does great ministry, but we need mechanics in the engine room that make things hum. That’s where you come in…

You’d make an ideal Production Coordinator at One if…

  • You want to play as part of a team and you see your success as part of the broader success.
  • You’re creative. You’ve likely expressed your creativity in the arts but also enjoy finding new ways to integrate this passion with current technology.
  • You’re keen to ‘get under the hood’ to discover what’s working and what isn’t and you like to problem solve quickly.
  • You might not have experience in all aspects of the role – and that’s OK, because you know where to find answers and expertise.
  • You’re technically literate. You may have started with technical interests or come to them as you began to explore what mixing desks and computers could do for you through other creative pursuits.
  • You’ve probably dabbled in studios, bands or events and enjoy seeing everything come together for a big occasion.
  • You are excited about using new technology and the ability to affect the audience through a variety senses. You recognise the impact of audiovisual technology can have and you like to get it right.

A week as our Production Coordinator might include…

  • Recruiting or training Audio Visual volunteers
  • Planning an upcoming studio recording with the worship team
  • Working with volunteers to design a lighting plan for an upcoming event
  • Overseeing video streaming for a large corporate function
  • Training staff on new presentation software
  • Working with the creative team to storyboard an upcoming special event

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