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February 1, 2019 News

The SDVoE Alliance and Corporation announces an innovative new class of product that links networking technology with the SDVoE ecosystem.

IDK’s new IP-NINJAR/Dante Bridge (NJR-AB08DAN) transcodes signals directly between the SDVoE and Dante environments. signal transport is enabled from NJR transmitters to Dante devices and from Dante device to NJR receivers. Each NJR-AB08DAN can receive up to four streams from IP-NINJAR transmitters outputting up to eight channels in Dante protocol. Each bridge can also accept up to 8-channel from Dante sources, outputting IP-NINJAR (SDVoE) protocol in up to four streams. This feature enables Dante embedding on HDMI signals and de-embedding through analog outputs at IP-NINJAR receivers.

“By bridging two different protocols, SDVoE and Dante, we can solve technical challenges while further supporting our customers’ preferences for migration to full-featured Ethernet-based system topologies.” says Hideki Iwasaki, president of IDK Corporation.

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IDK: www.idk.co.jp

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