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America, Ltd. Digital Media Division announced the release of four new models to its high-end line up; CP-X5505, , , and CP-WU5505.

Utilising 3LCD Technology, the , CP-WX5505, CP-WU5500 and CP-WU5505 were designed for medium to large venue applications and provide flexibility for ease of . The CP-X5505 delivers 5,500 of while the other models deliver 5,000 . Resolutions available in this cover WUXGA, WXGA, and XGA.   

“At Hitachi, we are committed to providing the highest quality solutions at the best possible price for our customers. We listen to their needs and we respond with superior products with dynamic features, this new series is no exception,” said Mike Morin, Strategic Sales Development Manager, Hitachi America, Ltd. “On top of that, we’ve launched the OneVision program for our Higher Education customers and this new series is an excellent addition to our already robust line up.”

All four models offer Hitachi’s first HDMI-Out solution, HDMI x 2, and HDBaseT (offered on CP-WU5505 and CP-WX5505 models).  Professional installation features include vertical and horizontal lens shift, picture shift as well as Geometric Correction. For advanced installations, this series also includes edge blending and warping capabilities as well as a hard-wired remote in and out connection that is capable of controlling up to 8 projectors with a single remote.

The CP-X5550, CP-WX5505, CP-WU5500 and CP-WU5505 offer a low cost lamp replacement, a 10,000 hour hybrid filter, Hitachi’s Image Optimizer, and embedded control capabilities compatible with Crestron Connect,  AMX Device Discovery, and Extron XTP.

Other notable features include Picture-by-Picture, Picture-in-Picture, and Hitachi’s Accentualizer that improves shade, sharpness, and gloss of a projected image as well as HDCR which works with Accentualizer to enhance image detail in environments with excess lighting conditions. Optional wireless and network capabilities are available with a full suite of software solutions including smart device control to wirelessly control the projector from your tablet or smartphone. Additionally, manual zoom and focus, USB Type A, LAN, composite video, RS-232C control, remote control, audio in and out, computer in and monitor out connections round out the feature set.

The new Series is eligible for the Hitachi OneVision program, a program that is considered one of the best Higher Education programs in the market. OneVision provides educators with specialised pricing, program rewards, enhanced service, and direct access to Hitachi experts.

More Info:
Hitachi Projectors: www.hitachi-america.us/projectors
Hitachi Australia: www.hitachi.com.au

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