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Home to Thailand’s national football team, Rajamangala is a 65,000-seat sports and entertainment venue that also hosts international events such as the AFC Asian Cup, pop concerts and political rallies. Rajamangala’s management recently decided to upgrade to an audio system that could deliver even and intelligible to every seat, while also streamlining and simplifying production requirements. They hired audio integrators Mahajak Development and rigging experts Baan Rig to deploy an array of Precision Directivity along the roof of the . The system also includes a network of DCi Series amplifiers, digital mixing consoles and signal processors.

“Rajamangala is a huge stadium, so covering every seat evenly was a challenge in itself,” said Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, Project Director of Mahajak Development. “Mounting the speakers on the roof of the stadium was highly challenging as well, and we had to carefully balance their weight and position when rigging up the system. We worked in close coordination with Baan Rig to secure everything safely while ensuring optimal audio coverage.”

Mahajak chose JBL Precision Directivity 6212, 564, 595, and 5122 loudspeakers for their high output, focused dispersion patterns and WRC weather protection. Strategic placement of the PD speakers and the addition of subwoofers created a powerful full-range system that could project evenly across the stadium. Crown DCi4 1250N and 2400N amplifiers provide high-efficiency power to the array while integrating with the stadium’s digital network. BSS BLU-100 digital signal processors route audio seamlessly with a convenient and stable digital architecture, and all mixing is done on Soundcraft Si Impact digital mixing consoles.

“Large-scale, multi-use venues like Rajamangala require advanced audio systems to deliver clear voice and music coverage across all seating sections,” Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, Project Director of Mahajak Development. “’s audio solutions are durable enough for constant use and inclement weather with excellent after-sales service, which was one of the many reasons we were chosen.”

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