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March 5, 2019 News

has releases 2.3, a free update that unifies RedNet with configuration, status monitoring, metering and extended operational of the 4Pre, 8Pre, 16Line – Focusrite’s range of audio offering up to 64 in / 64 out Thunderbolt I/O with Pro Tools | HD and Dante network audio connectivity. 

“Providing support for Thunderbolt control of the Red 4Pre, Red 8Pre and Red 16Line within negates the need for the separate Focusrite Control application,” said Will Hoult, Focusrite Pro Senior Product Manager. “At the same time, we decided to add a handful of new features that weren’t previously possible for the Red series.”

Focusrite ’s “Device View” features a graphical representation of each device on the local network, giving critical feedback such as signal metering, clock status, power supply state and primary/secondary network connection state. is completely customisable, allowing for several users on the same network to have completely different views.

now also provides parameter control. This includes clock source selection, sample rate converter configuration and reference level setup. All the functions of Red mic pres can be controlled from the software: Gain, Phantom Power, Phase Invert, High-Pass Filter and Air Mode. Graphical control for Red range units is separated into five pages: I/O Control & Metering, Input Routing, Output Routing, Monitor Control and Custom Mixes. 

From the Custom Mixes page, RedNet Control’s internal audio mixer allows you to create up to eight separate mono or stereo sub-mix signals. Up to 30 of all the available inputs can be selected as sources for the mixer. Once selected, these input signals will then become available to all Custom Mixes. Each mixer output can have an individual balance of fader levels, mute and channel pan settings. 

Where more hands-on control is required, RedNet Control features a MIDI bridge, allowing any programmable CC-based or SysEx MIDI controller to manage up to 16 different devices with mic pres. This allows gain to be easily mapped to an encoder for tactile control. RedNet Control includes the option to use the Avid Pre CC protocol, meaning Red range devices can be controlled from Pro Tools and in turn with one of the Pro Tools controllers such as Artist series, S3 or S6.

For users who switch between different setups on a frequent basis, such as during performances with multiple acts, RedNet Control provides save and recall on both a session and device level. Device Save also allows for critical mic pre parameters to be saved during sound-check and recalled at a later time within seconds. 

RedNet Control’s automatic firmware updater ensures that all Red and RedNet devices on the network are kept up to date with the latest firmware. This guarantees that the latest Dante updates from Focusrite will be loaded to the device, ensuring the best possible performance.

RedNet Control 2.3 is available now for free download from the Focusrite Pro website. The installation package, available for Mac OS X computers, includes the RedNet Control application, the Dante Controller application, PCIe drivers and the Red range driver. 

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