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November 5, 2018 News

coomera anglican college

recently decided to install laser projectors for its future-focused, new ° immersive learning environment, a part of their new building, The Pod, which opened earlier this year. Local SI company 5th Corner won the tender and recommended the EB-L1300UNL as “there wasn’t another on the market that could meet the needs and requirements of this project”, says the College’s IT Services Manager, Darryl Hall. Not only did the EB-L1300UNL meet the College’s requirements but its functionality also impressed the team there. The EB-L1300UNL laser projectors are mounted onto a circular steel metal frame in the centre of the and are used to project a 11520 x 1080 image onto the walls in a full 360° circular room measuring nine metres in diameter. Used in conjunction with ImmersaView’s SimVisual software the images are then warped and blended resulting in a seamless 360° image across the curved walls.

Epson: www.epson.com.au

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