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March 18, 2015 Training

Scientific Acoustics in conjunction with AFMG will present EASE training in June as an intensive three-day and two-evening seminar, with a fourth morning tour of a Canberra house of worship.


The day time training will concentrate on the EASE software platform using presentations developed by AFMG staff and representatives in Germany and the USA, as well as dedicated contributions by the Australian instructors. Click through to Scientific Acoustics (link below) for a full course outline and registration form.

Cost: $1320 (inc GST)
When: June 9 to 12, 2015
Where: Duffy Room, Eastlake Foorball Club, Grifith, ACT
Course Conductors: Peter Patrick, Tim Kuschel
Who should attend: Anyone who wants to work with EASE software in sound system design, at any level



Scientific Acoustics: www.scientific-acoustics.com.au
EASE software: ease.afmg.eu
Peter Patrick: 0409 344 683 or info@scientific-acoustics.com.au

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