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September 16, 2019 News

launches the Eclipse, a RGB pure featuring RealLaser illumination, and the widest colour gamut seen in the Pro-AV market.

Christie Eclipse is capable of a degree of detail and depth of colour that has never been possible with any Pro-AV projection system. With true HDR, Christie Eclipse can process and reproduce HDR content on screen, in 4K resolution, at both high and low brightness levels. The result is a contrast ratio of up to ,000,000:1, which ensures that the finest details are visible, even in extreme black and white ranges.

With an expansive colour gamut approaching the full Rec.2020 and Rec.2100 colour space, Christie Eclipse produces highly saturated colours for truly immersive experiences and exceeds the Rec. 2100 200,000:1 contrast ratio specification by 100 times. With RealLaser illumination, 4K resolution and high frame rate capability of up to 120fps, Christie Eclipse can deliver smooth, dynamic content without distracting blur, which is critical for , big screens and themed such as dark rides and flying theatres. 

“Christie Eclipse sets a new standard for Pro-AV projection technology,” says Larry Paul, executive director, Technology and Custom Solutions, Christie. “With true HDR, ‘video blacks’ are a thing of the past. Instead, you get blacks without any residual light, thereby eliminating all optical and black-level blending in multi-projector arrays, even in pitch black environments. Ultimately, it allows theatres, planetariums and attraction designers to show detailed content that wasn’t previously possible.”

Christie Eclipse offers the flexibility to customise the brightness level to suit the environment, from 2 up to 30,000, features Christie TruLife electronics for 4K at performance, and Christie Twist software for warping and blending capabilities. An optional Christie Terra input card is available, which offers more efficient AV integration and connectivity solutions for Christie projectors with TruLife Electronics and can connect directly to a Christie Terra SDVoE system.

Christie Eclipse also supports Christie Mystique; an automated, camera-based warping and blending tool that simplifies the deployment and maintenance of multi-projector arrays.

Christie: www.christiedigital.com

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