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June 13, 2019 News


  • DesignMax loudspeakers bring outstanding audio and aesthetics to any commercial installation.
  • 12 loudspeakers, from 2-inch, low-profile models to 8-inch, high-SPL compression-driver loudspeakers and outdoor-rated options
  • Dispersion Alignment system, in select models, ensures a more consistent listening experience
  • Custom Bose drivers, no or EQ required. Use select Bose DSPs and amplifiers to enable Bose loudspeaker EQ and SmartBass processing
  • Elegant form factor, minimum-bezel grilles available in black or white, and removable logos
  • Patented QuickHold mounting system reduces installation time, strain, and hassle

+ and versatile power amplifiers

  • Two models available with 150W or 300W per channel
  • Built-in DSP, including SmartBass processing, routing, level control, delays, limiters, Bose loudspeaker EQs, plus input and area EQs
  • PowerSpace facilitates setup with an integrated webserver and intuitive browser-based UI
  • New amplifier options for premium commercial applications
  • Multiple models available with 1000W, 600W, or 300W per channel to accommodate a wide range of installations 
  • Bose AmpLink input for simplified multichannel digital audio connection
  • Load-independent outputs deliver full channel power to either low-impedance (4-8 Ω) or high-impedance (70/100V) loads without bridging

and ArenaMatch Utility loudspeakers

Featuring an IP55 weather rating, ArenaMatch DeltaQ array modules and ArenaMatch Utility loudspeakers make it easy to create outdoor loudspeaker systems that bring consistent, intelligible sound to every listener.

Bose Professional ArenaMatch DeltaQ array modules deliver proven DeltaQ sound quality and flexibility to outdoor installations — sports stadiums, arenas, outdoor entertainment centres, and more. 

Nine coverage patterns are available. Choose from modules with 10°, 20°, or 40° vertical coverage and easily swap between 60°, 80°, or 100° horizontal waveguides.

Built for zone-fill coverage or high-SPL foreground music, Bose ArenaMatch Utility loudspeakers feature similar tonal balance to ArenaMatch array modules — and the same EMB2S compression driver — but in compact designs. Deploy them to support larger ArenaMatch array systems or use them to provide intelligible, high-level sound in any outdoor area.

EX expansion

Introducing two new ControlSpace processors optimised for conferencing rooms — the EX-440C and EX-12AEC — and a new, high-powered general purpose DSP — the EX-1280.

The EX-440C and EX-1280 are compatible with the full range of Bose EX Dante endpoints. The EX-12AEC conferencing signal processor provides digital expansion for conference rooms using the EX-1280C processor.

PowerShare adaptable power amplifiers with Dante connectivity

PowerShare amplifiers deliver outstanding audio performance and reliability with patented technologies inherited from the field-proven PowerMatch line — now with added flexibility.

Using innovative PowerShare technology, the amp distributes total power across all output channels. New models support Dante connectivity and programming via ControlSpace Designer software 600W and 400W models allow total power to be divided amongst four output channels. Configure any channel for low impedance (4-8 Ω) or high-impedance (70/100V) applications without bridging or using jumpers.

Bose: pro.bose.com

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