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September 10, 2018 News

has announced the availability of Adapter , designed for the production of cost-effective, compact, manufacturer-branded and low-channel count . Dante Adapter Modules are pre-programmed and easily integrated into larger host to provide Dante network support without the need for PCB design and manufacturing, component procurement and programming, significantly reducing time-to-market.

The Dante Adapter Modules contains six models – single and dual-channel analogue input, single and dual-channel analogue output, 2-in/2-out , and 2-in/2-out USB. These modules can be used to create custom-featured adapters or incorporated directly into low-channel count endpoint products such as powered speakers, direct boxes and more.

Using the same high-quality field-tested components as the Dante AVIO adapter family, Dante Adapter Modules enable fast development of professional audio products with proven components. The modules are designed for over-molding, clamshell enclosures or mounting on a baseboard, enabling manufacturers to design products with their own physical enclosures, branding, and connectors.

Dante Adapter Modules feature excellent audio performance, sample rates up to 96k (except USB), user-configurable signal levels (for the analogue models), Power over Ethernet, and support for RTP audio transport. They are fully-functional Dante devices which can provide a hardware master clock for a Dante network, and are also Dante ready. The USB Adapter Module can also be powered by USB and offers class-compliant audio enabling it to work without additional software drivers on most popular operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS and Android.

“Dante Adapter Modules give OEMs the opportunity to create audio network adapters using their own custom branding and features,” says Bob Ehlers, Vice President of Product Management for Audinate. “Adapters can quickly be designed into nearly any form factor and can use different enclosures and connectors as desired to suit customer demand.”

Audinate: www.audinate.com/modules

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