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August 1, 2018 News

is bringing the power of IP-based to customers of Communications’ popular Rooms solution worldwide, enabling infinite scalability and unrivalled ease of use through its platform. Atlona’s native, software-level integration of the Rooms API will simplify and accelerate deployments from single meeting spaces to enterprise-wide collaborative environments and empower end users to seamlessly control Rooms and third-party components over the with a unified user interface.

Velocity has quickly gained a reputation as a gamechanger in AV control, offering an innovative premise-based system design with cloud access and unprecedented scalability for up to 5000 controlled devices. Its common architecture will allow Zoom Rooms customers to scale configurations to multiple rooms with tremendous speed and agility, while centralising site-wide management, system monitoring and other important tasks.

“Velocity will allow Zoom Rooms customers to seamlessly transition AV control to the network, and quickly populate collaborative environments across campus- and enterprise-wide systems,” said Michael Crisci, business development manager, AV/IP and strategic alliance, Atlona. “Velocity’s ease of use ensures that all devices can be integrated with minimal configuration, and with a direct IP connection to any Zoom Room to simplify integration of Zoom Rooms components. This is a problem-solving approach to simplifying control and integration of third-party elements across a collaborative ecosystem of any scale.”

In a typical Zoom Rooms configuration, Velocity integrations will support unified control of third-party cameras, microphones, and audio systems; as well as environmental controls and other general room control over the network. Atlona also anticipates certification of its AT-HDVS-CAM PTZ for Zoom Room environments in the near future.

“Zoom’s software-based approach to video conferencing and collaboration has been a game changer for businesses and organisations seeking a more efficient, network-based approach to content sharing,” said Oded Gal, head of product, ZoomVideo Communications. “Atlona’s IP- and cloud-enabled control architecture makes Velocity an ideal complement to any Zoom Rooms deployment, while offering a foundation for our customers to scale operations without limitation.”

The complete Velocity solution is comprised of three distinct elements that work together as a single, unified platform: Velocity Control Suite, a cloud-based service and centralised resource for integrators to create, organise, and manage their AV control projects by client, client sites, and AV control systems; Velocity Control Gateway, a software-based control processor that resides on-site with the client’s AV systems and delivers IP control to Atlona and third-party devices; and Velocity Touch Panels, available in 5.5-inch  and eight-inch screen sizes with hardware for wall or surface mounting.

Atlona: www.atlona.com
Australian Distributor: www.midwich.com.au

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