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May 24, 2018 News

After two and a half years of intensive research and development, is ready to release its road speaker system. Utilising advanced materials to cope with the extreme environments in road tunnels, Acoustic Technologies has achieved high IP and fire retardant requirements.

The main has a very low resonant structure and is driven by a new generation compression . Apart from the compression , this project has been completely designed, tested, approved and completely manufactured in Australia.

AT is planning to enter the as well as the , as international interest has already been expressed.

Acoustic Technologies is no stranger to horn . As far back as 1972, nearly every AT speaker system was horn loaded and AT has always developed and manufactured its high frequency, midrange and bass horns. 46 years on, speaker transducers and development have reached new levels of performance.

Acoustic Technologies: www.atprofessional.com.au

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