September 19, 2013 Products, Technology

LFRemote iPad


Dream Solutions has released the latest version of its LFRemote for iOS devices. Following the launch of the lighting remote for iPad the company has followed up with a new version supporting both iPhone and iPod touch devices. The new remote app is not just a screen replication of LightFactory, but a purpose-built control surface. It goes beyond being a rigger’s remote or a cue playback device – this app also allows the user to be a second real time programmer. LFRemote takes command line programming to a new level with dynamic selection options in context of what you are doing. This includes access to all command line functions of LightFactory, automatic lookup of groups, palettes, cue lists and macros when entering commands, colour picker and Pan/Tilt control, dedicated shortcut page, multi-touch submaster page and cue playback page, plus it will automatically discover your LightFactory system. The LFRemote for iOS devices is a free app available from the AppStore.

Australian Distributor: Dream Solutions www.lightfactory.net

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